Your Social Action

There are a range of assets in local communities which can be harnessed to drive social action. These include people, skills, facilities, newsletters, policies and regulations.

Local Newsletters

Weekly electronic newsletters are distributed throughout Cheshire East Council’s eight Care Communities and provide locally relevant information and updates. If you would like to receive a copy of any of the local information bulletins for your area/s please visit the Council’s Connected Communities website and contact the relevant Community Development Officer for your locality.

Asset Mapping

The new Social Action Partnership Service is working closely with the Cheshire East Council Communities Team to undertake an asset mapping exercise to help identify needs and gaps, and working with local leaders to mobilise these assets into action and in developing local solutions.

A vital tool for this work is the Live Well Cheshire East resource which the Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is working closely with to provide updates and utilise this important information with groups.

There is also a link with social prescribing which can put local people in touch with local support which can benefit them.

Social Action & Covid-19 Community Response

Social Action is about people coming together to help improve the life outcomes of local people, by identifying and solving problems or issues that are important to them.

The Social Action Partnership provides a range of support to VCFSE groups and organisations to help to undertake social action.

This includes developing Social Innovation Networks. To find our more about developing a Social Innovation Network please see the following Social Innovation Guide.

To find out more or for support please contact our Team.

Early Help and Asset Based Community Development Grants.
Covid-19 Community Response and Recovery Grant

Working in partnership with the council’s People Helping People service and Volunteer Coordination Points the Social Action Partnership have been helping local people to support one another by coordinating the fantastic work that is being done in communities across the borough in improving, developing and delivering services.

In recognition of the vital role played by the voluntary, community and faith sector in both the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the recovery, a time limited Covid-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund has been developed by the council to support local organisations through this pandemic.

The fund is primarily aimed at supporting organisations to fund projects that will have a high impact over the winter months and to assist residents who are struggling to afford food and other essentials due to the economic impact caused by Covid-19.

Local charities and community organisations can apply for grants towards the cost of getting food and other essentials to those who need it the most by delivering essential Covid-19 related services.

Not-for-profit organisations can apply for funding up to a maximum of £5,000 for local projects, which meet local need. Examples include but are not limited to:

Foodbank services
Meal Delivery Services
Food distribution
Lunch clubs
Breakfast clubs
Holiday hunger projects
Fuel Poverty
Digital Inclusion
Providing support for people to access any other essential supplies

For further information and to apply to the fund please Click Here.

Live Well Cheshire East

Live Well Cheshire East provides information and advice on a range of subjects, and an easy to use directory of over 3000 services and activities in your area.

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is pleased to be working directly with Cheshire East Council to help populate and maintain this vitally important resource for the Cheshire East VCFSE sector and communities.

To Find out more from the Social Action Partnership about how Live Well Cheshire East can be used for your own community or social action project please contact our Team.

To access Live Well Cheshire East direct and the information available please click here.


What is Social Action?

Social Action is about people coming together to help improve the life outcomes of local people, by identifying and solving problems or issues that are important to them. Some kinds of social action happen naturally. But the extent to which social action is joined up, effective, and thriving may depend on how much encouragement, support, and leadership it has in a local area.

There are many examples of excellent social action taking place in communities across Cheshire East. The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership Service provides a range of support to the Voluntary Community Faith and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) Sector to help them to undertake social action. This will enable the sector to develop and flourish locally, particularly through the building of local connections and partnerships between organisations and sectors.