The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is providing strategic engagement of the VCFSE sector within Cheshire East structures and partnerships.

We will represent and support the needs of the VCFSE sector and the Borough, ensuring a cohesive and strong voice is heard.


Community Leadership

We provide support for individuals and groups that want to take responsibility for wellbeing and improvement in their communities.

We recognise that community leadership is born in many ways, e.g. someone recognising a key issue that needs to be tackled, or a group of people that come to together to get something done.

Our support includes helping community leaders to:

  • Get Started, e.g. to set up meetings, set goals and get organised
  • Get Connected, e.g. through the Social Action Partnership Structure to feed up community needs and develop solutions

For more information and support go to our Your Social Action and our VCFSE Support pages.


Representing the VCFSE Sector

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership will provide VCFSE leadership by representing sector needs at partnership meetings, such as the Health and Wellbeing Board, and providing feedback to the sector.


VCSE Sector Representatives

We are also developing direct VCFSE representation and voice within the Social Action Partnership structure and with partners. We are currently undertaking a mapping exercise with the Council and partners to understand where VCFSE representation can have the most impact.

We will then recruit VCFSE Representatives to take a seat at these partnerships and in meetings, and the Cheshire East Social Action Partnership team will provide support to help gain views from the sector to feed into discussions and decision making, and disseminate important information e.g. on policies, strategies or developments, through a range of media and feedback opportunities.

We will also support VCFSE sector leaders through a range of collaboration and co-production opportunities. More information will be provided here in the coming months.

If you are a leader in a Cheshire East VCFSE organisation and would like to explore further the potential to become a Social Action Partnership VCFSE Representative, then please contact the Team and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.