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Building Connections and Coproduction
Social Action Charter
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Building Connections and Coproduction

Building Connections

There are a multitude of VCFSE organisations operating in Cheshire East, which offer a variety of essential services to local communities. Increasing connections between these organisations and across sectors creates numerous opportunities. These include joining up resource, disseminating knowledge, raising awareness, reducing duplication, and sharing intelligence. It also includes learning from projects which have achieved compelling social impact in the Borough or outside it.

Organisations can gain from being facilitated in making these links in order to receive these benefits. The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership aims to facilitate longer lasting relationships through partnerships and consortiums. This has the overall aim of encouraging collaboration, reducing costs, producing social innovation and achieving enhanced social action and social impact in the Borough.


Of particular importance is our aim to develop improved communication and collaboration between the VCFSE sector and public sector in Cheshire East. A key aspect of this is Coproduction.

Co-production is an approach where people, family members, carers, organisations and commissioners work together in an equal way, sharing influence, skills and experience to design, deliver and monitor services and projects.

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership will provide leadership in this work between the VCFSE sector and the public sector through a wide range of meetings, events, forums and activities.

More information will be provided here in the coming months.

TOGETHER in Cheshire East – Coproduction Guide

The Together co-production guide sets out how the Social Action Partnership and Cheshire East Council wants to work with children, young people, families, adults and organisations as equal partners in improving, developing and delivering services. This engagement provides a critical source of information over what is and is not working locally (helping to complement data sources such as the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment). The approach will often be linked to different stages of the commissioning cycle such as service development, service review and service delivery.


Social Action Charter

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is leading coproduction of a new Social Action Charter between the Cheshire East Partnership (including Cheshire East Council and NHS) and the VCFSE sector, as the next step in supporting the VCFSE sector locally.The Social Action Charter will reaffirm a mutual commitment to the principles of Early Help, but will also encompass coproduction, involvement in the commissioning cycle, utilisation of social value, sharing of intelligence, and alignment of strategic priorities. As such, it is designed to engender greater collaboration between organisations and sectors, as well as increased understanding and trust.This will provide a solid foundation for productive working relationships between all organisations in the future.

To find our more about how you can get involved in coproducing the new Social Action Charter and signing up please get in touch with our Team.

Social Action Charter

Social Action Charter to bring the VCFSE sector together with a range of public sector organisations to achieve the outcomes set out within the Cheshire East Five Year Plan.

Key principles/outcomes:

  • Co-design, co-produce and co-evaluate new and existing services
  • Maximise Social Value opportunities to meet local community needs
  • Work collaboratively with business and industry to help deliver their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments in communities
  • To enable local people through social innovation to deliver services and activities by themselves
  • To share facilities where possible creating a one Public and VCFSE Sector estate
  • To have a place based system approach to service delivery and when engaging with residents ensuring every contact counts.
  • To share learning and continuous professional development opportunities across both sectors


Social Action Partnership Structure

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership will bring VCFSEs together with the public sector to deliver the Social Action Charter and achieve the Cheshire East Partnership Five Year Plan outcomes.

We will make a direct connection from residents and VCFSEs to the Cheshire East Partnership, enabling co-production and supporting health and social care system change.

We have joined forces with Cheshire East Council’s Communities Team, to support Neighbourhood and Town Partnerships, Care Communities and Connected Communities Centres. More information about these is provided below.

We are also engaging with businesses working in partnership with business networks to foster collaborative working, helping them meet their social value, CSR and employee volunteering commitments.

Neighbourhood and Town Partnerships

Neighbourhood and Town Partnerships are set up and facilitated by Cheshire East Council to bring together a range of partners including the VCFSE sector, Police, children’s centres, schools, Youth Services, Youth Offending Team, local elected members and businesses.

The purpose is to understand local priorities based on local intelligence and to work as a partnership to create local projects collaboratively across agencies and local residents that best suit that community which impact on those local priorities.

The 15 Neighbourhood Partnerships across Cheshire East each serve an area across the borough where a need to reduce health inequality has come apparent.

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is working closely with the Council Communities Team to map the current partnership activity and to see how greater VCFSE Sector involvement can be developed, including through our VCFSE Representatives model and Local VCFSE Alliances.

For more information about the Neighbourhood and Town Partnerships please click here.

Care Communities

Care Communities are governed by local clinical leads and bring together Health and Social Care professionals to understand local priorities using a range of available resources and to provide a wide range of integrated Health and Social Care services within a community and in primary care settings, to best suit local residents and to impact on those local priorities.

The 8 Care Communities across Cheshire East each serve a population ranging between 30,000 and 50,000 people. These include:

  • Knutsford
  • CHAW
  • BDP
  • Macclesfield
  • Congleton & Holmes Chapel
  • Crewe
  • Nantwich & Rural

The Cheshire East Social Action Partnership is working closely with the Care Communities and Council Communities Team to help build a bridge with the VCFSE and health and social care professionals, working together to help understand local priorities and developing integrated services to meet resident’s needs.

For more information about the Care Communities please click here.

Connected Community Centres

Connected Communities Centres are a Social franchise model which host a wide range of activities and support services available on your doorstep.

Each centre aims to deliver services tailored for their community, from coffee mornings, computer classes and line dancing, to learning a language, sharing a problem and support for stroke sufferers – there’s something for everyone.

Every centre will have a computer tablet connected to the Live Well community information website so you can easily find information, advice, activities and services in your area.

Connected Community Centres offer space and support for local residents to turn their interests and passions into a group / activity that will benefit their wider community.

For more information about a Connected Community Centre near you please click here.