Establishing a New Cheshire East Carers Forum

It is estimated that there are approximately 42,000 carers of all ages in Cheshire East, playing a very significant and important role within our communities.

 The Cheshire East Carers Forum aims to be a voice to inform service providers of the needs of carers and their families. It will facilitate two–way communication between carers and services used by all carers and their families in Cheshire East. The forum will work to provide feedback on services, offer constructive challenge to current services and input into decision making and planning for future service provision.

By working co-operatively and collaboratively with local service providers, carers can contribute to improvements in the services delivered for carers:

  • Through regular communication with carers ensuring they can decide whether to be involved in a piece of work/consultation.
  • Ensuring a diverse forum membership and representation of diverse views from carers from all backgrounds and sectors of the community.
  • Promoting a reputation and image of the Cheshire East Carers Forum which reflects its aims and values.

By establishing a Cheshire East Carers Forum it will help enable health and social care commissioners to work in partnership with carers to develop and evaluate innovative new ways in supporting carers and those they care for.

More can be read about this in the attached Cheshire East Carers Forum

If you are interested in being part of the Cheshire East Carers Forum, please contact

Jill Stenton – Senior Commissioning Manager, Cheshire East Council